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1st Form Investigate the Case of the Stolen Cake?

26 November 2018


On Saturday morning, the 1st Form came into school eager, ready to learn and excited to try Ma’am Rule’s chocolate cake that she baked the night before. When they arrived, they found out that the cake had been stolen and it was their job to find out who did it!

To help solve the crime, the boys interviewed the suspects and used a variety of forensic techniques to gather evidence. This included taking samples of shoe prints, hair, handwriting, and fingerprints.

Once they had collected all their evidence, the boys compared it to the samples which were taken at the crime scene. By the process of elimination, the 1st Form had identified their culprit. They then needed to stake him out and make their arrest.

Just before lunch on Saturday, they caught Mr Long in the Courtyard and apprehended him for the crime of cake stealer.

As much fun as the task of ‘forensic expert’ was, the boys learnt a great deal about problem-solving and working together to crack a case, as well as how evidence can be gathered, how unique certain samples can be and how this all leads to solving crimes.


1st Form Investigate a Crime