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Ancient Egypt’s Got Talent

09 November 2018


The 2nd Form have been learning lots about the Ancient Egyptians this term, with a focus on the Egyptian gods this week.

In groups, the boys chose a god to research, they needed to find out lots of facts about each god, what they looked like and why they were powerful. They then took part in Ancient Egypt’s Got Talent, where they needed to explain to the judges why their chosen god was more powerful and better than the others.

Decked out in their costumes and presentations at the ready, the boys took to the stage to present their findings to the judges: Mr Fildes and other junior school boys.

It was a well-fought contest with all boys giving fantastic presentations with jokes, songs and demonstrations of how powerful they are.

In the end, there was only two winners (one from each class).  In 2R, Sobek (the god of crocodiles) and Amun (the creator god) came first and in 2C it was Hathor, the goddess of love.


Ancient Egypt's Got Talent