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Remembering the Fallen

08 November 2018


It has been 100 years since the end of the First World War. Boys in the 3rd Form have taken part in a cross-curricular project to mark this historic event in their art and drama lessons. During assembly this week, they brought these elements together and paid tribute to those who fought in the war.

In Art, the boys studied the work of WW1 artist Paul Nash (1889–1946). Working in charcoal, chalks and collage, they created atmospheric tonal small pictures and larger compositions in coloured paper and chalks.

In Drama, the boys used the artwork of John Singer Sargent and survivors' accounts of life in the trenches to write a narrative which they set to creative movement.

The school gathered in the Performing Arts Centre to see their performance. The screen read:

The war started on 1st August 1914 and ended 11th November 1918.
It lasted 1564 days.
8,300,000 Officers and Men Killed 
19,500,000 Wounded
7,000,000 Maimed for Life 
8,000,000 Civilians Killed 

The 3rd Form then marched in singing WW1 song It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. Then, whilst holding their artwork, each boy read out their letters to loved ones, overlapping slightly building tension and drama. In the front, boys acted out the various scenarios in the letters, which included gunfire, gas attacks and life in the trenches.

3rd Form World War One Asembly

To continue their studies, the boys have started to study WW1 in History.

The boys’ artwork will be displayed in the Courtyard and Junior Corridor and we encourage parents to come and view their work.


3rd Form Artwork for World War One Assembly