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1st Form at the National Portrait Gallery

31 October 2018


On Wednesday, the 1st Form went to the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of their studies about portraits in Art.

On arrival, the gallery guide took the boys to a small exhibition of photographic portraits. Here, she told the boys about the history of the gallery and asked them to look for clues in the room as to when it was built. They spotted a plaque, high up, which gave the date: 1896. They then discussed the architecture of the building and were shown some of the original design drawings.

The boys then viewed the display of Victorian portraits, where they studied, in detail, pictures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The boys were asked many questions about what they could see in the portraits and were given lots of information about each individual painting.

The boys were also able to look closely at many other paintings whilst discussing the history and what it was like to live in Victorian times. This included a look at a gallery of famous Victorian inventors and scientists, which the boys loved and found fascinating.

The boys were then split into four groups and were asked to choose a portrait they liked and analyse it. After discussing the work and finding out as much as they could about the person from the picture, the boys gave a presentation to the other groups, the guide, and Caldicott staff. They presented with confidence and expressed themselves very clearly giving some very interesting ideas and a surprising amount of facts.

This was a successful and beneficial trip to one of the nation’s finest galleries. The boys enjoyed themselves and came away with a lot of knowledge about portraiture art and history, which will put them in good stead when they create their own pieces in their art lessons. Ma’am Williams said that she hopes the trip inspired the boys to produce even better artwork in the future.


1st Form at the National Portrait Gallery