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6th Form visit Tate Modern

11 October 2018


In support of their introductory study of contemporary art, the 6th Form visited Tate Modern in London. Exploring the displays: ‘Artist and Society’, ‘In the Studio’, ‘Materials and Object’ and ‘Media Networks’ the boys were able to further their understanding by viewing a vast array of work by renowned international artists.

In addition to enjoying appealing contemporary works such as Meireles’ ‘Babel’, which comprises of a huge towering assembly of twinkling radios, TVs and Hi-Fi speakers simultaneously ‘talking’ incomprehensibly, the boys were challenged by pieces such as Ozgen’s ‘Wonderland’; a video piece which features a boy the same age as them, who despite being deaf and unable to speak is determined through body movements and gestures to communicate his poignant account of the traumatic events he witnessed during the conflict in Syria.

The boys were also able to view iconic masterpieces of modern art including Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’, Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’, Dali’s ‘Metamorphosis of Narcissus’, Matisse’s ‘The Snail’, Rothko’s ‘Seagram Murals’, to name but a few. The boys were also able to explore the Blavatnik building, including the tank rooms, performance art spaces, and enjoy the spectacular 360-degree view of London from the observation platform on Level 10.

The highlight of the trip (according to most boys) was seeing ‘The Clock’ by Christian Marclay, This “mesmerising masterpiece of contemporary art” is the culmination of several year’s work; the artist painstakingly editing thousands of clips from film and television, which feature a clock or a watch, to create a new momentous work. Lasting twenty-four hours, the cinematic result is a seamless account of the passing of time, minute by minute, which is fascinating in its twisting narrative and astonishing in its real-time accuracy.

All in all a very enjoyable and most rewarding trip. The 6th Form highly recommend Tate Modern: “It’s well worth the visit!”


Caldicott 6th Form visit Tate Modern