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Alter Ego inform Year 6 about being safe online

09 October 2018


On Friday 5 October, the 4th Form, and children from Farnham Common Village School and Dair House School were treated to a performance from Alter Ego Theatre Company called Click, a play about how young people can protect themselves against potential dangers online.

The play was about a girl called Click, who was asked by her friends to think about her actions on the internet. It explored the idea that some online friends are indeed strangers as well as other threats. Click’s friends encouraged her to look at what is happening in her online world such as how she shares personal information, grooming, peer pressure and bullying. She was urged to use critical thinking to sensibly consider her choices and understand what makes a healthy relationship with another person – trust, equality, respect and good communication. The main message for the children was that the internet is a fantastic source for information and fun, but we need to be aware of the potential dangers and act safely.

After the performance, the group answered questions from the floor and discussed topics such as gaming and social media, the importance of privacy controls and who to talk to if anyone has any questions or thinks something is wrong.


Staying Safe Online with Alter Ego