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24 January 2013

Last night, the declamations final took place in the Centenary Hall. Declamations are an annual event at Caldicott where boys from the Third Form upwards learn a poem by heart. This is then recited to their English class and a selection is put through to the semi-finals. The best of these are then performed at the finals in the Centenary Hall to an audience of staff, parents, boarders and an external adjudicator. This year’s adjudicator was Reverend Graham Taylor, a New York Times bestselling author; whose novels include Shadowmancer, Wormwood and Tersias.

A variety of poetry was declaimed, from Roald Dahl to Tennyson. The boys made it very hard for Reverend Taylor to choose a winner as each performance was notable. After giving individual feedback to each boy in turn, a winner from each year group was chosen and an overall winner was announced. In addition, a special prize was awarded for a declamation that was not awarded year group winner but that stood out.


3rd Form Winner:

Z Yardley

That Cat! – Robert Fisher

4th Form Winner:

R Mackenzie

Hugger Mugger – Kit Wright

5th Form Winner:

D Bamberg

RememberMe? –Ray Mather

6th Form Winner:

N Andreae

And Death Shall Have No Dominion –Dylan Thomas

Special Prize:

J Tahany

Timon’s speech , from Timon of Athens, Act IV Scene ii- William Shakespeare



And Death Shall Have No Dominion –Dylan Thomas

The finalists