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09 May 2018


On Tuesday 8 May, the 4th Form took part in an afternoon workshop with the Video Standards Council learning about how and why video games are rated.

The VSC Rating Board is an administrator of the PEGI age rating system which is used in 30 countries throughout Europe.

During the afternoon, the boys were split into four groups to work at different stations, after 10 minutes they moved onto the next.  Each station was designed to give an overview of the different aspects of games ratings.  They were:

  • Age Rating Criteria – what aspects of the game determines the age, this includes violence (realistic vs un-realistic), bad language, adult themes, gambling, horror and drugs.
  • How ratings came to be and why they are used.
  • Designing new icons for the ratings.
  • How the VSC examine a game and decide on the appropriate rating.  Games producers send the VSC a report about the game, which includes content and why the rating is chosen.  VSC then play sections of the game to make sure the appropriate rating is applied.

The workshop was very well received by the boys.