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Multi-Sensory Settings with the 2nd Form

01 May 2018


Last week, boys in the 2nd Form took part in a sensory class as part of their English lessons.  The boys headed out to the school grounds where they were asked to explore their setting through a number of activities, which included:

  • Blindfolding their partners to see what happened when one of their senses were closed.
  • Collected smells from their surroundings.
  • Created a sound wheel by listening closely with their eyes closed.
  • Collected colours and texture rubbings from items in the grounds.

From the things they saw, heard, smelled and collected in the school grounds, the boys have used them to create a piece of writing which includes a description of a setting.

2nd Form teacher, Mrs Corrigan said “It was definitely a new and more hands on way to explore our surroundings and extracted some fantastic new phrases, such as "donkey grey, crushed blueberry blue, summer scent explosion and ghostly green".”


Caldicott 2nd Form Sensory Setting