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1st Form Art Exhibition

20 March 2018


The creativity and talents of 1st Form boys were on display at the 1st Form Art Exhibition on Monday 19 March. Parents were invited to the Art Department to view work that the boys had been working on recently.  The exhibition featured four projects: Tudor portrait stamps, still life tea towels and cards in the style of Matisse, expression self-portraits and teddy bears picnic.

Tudor Portrait Stamps

Following a visit to the National Portrait Gallery last term, the boys made their own version of a Tudor portrait carefully copying an original in coloured pencil. These were then turned into stamps.

Still Life Tea Towels and Cards

Having produced a carefully observed drawing, from a still life set up in the art room, the boys were shown the colourful work of Henri Matisse.  Using Matisse as inspiration, the boys used oil pastels and ink painting techniques to add vibrant colour to their own drawings. These were then professionally printed onto tea towels and card.

Expression Self-Portraits

The boys had their photos taken and were asked to show an emotion in their expression. They then used tracing and drawing techniques to produce a self-portrait, which they then used inks and coloured pencils to complete their composition.

Teddy Bears Picnic

When Ma’am Naidoo invited the boys to a Teddy Bears Picnic in their first term, they all brought their favourite soft toy to school. In their art lesson, they drew their toy carefully and their work was turned into thank you cards for Ma’am. At Christmas, the drawings were adapted to make festive card versions of the pictures. All these were displayed in Ma’am Naidoo’s study.


1st Form Art Exhibition


Artwork: Elliott T | Ned B | Anand N | Rahul M | Charlie K