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Caldicott code on the International Space Station

23 February 2018


Last term, the 3rd Form took part in Mission Zero, a competition to send a computer programme up to the International Space Station. 

The boys were asked to devise a series of messages, no more than 40 characters, about e-safety in space. After they wrote their code, they used the Astro Pi Sense HAT to submit their messages to the European Space Agency.

On Thursday 1 February, the boys’ messages were sent to the ISS and ran on their computer as it crossed the Pacific and later the Atlantic. Each team’s code ran for one minute on a specially adapted Pi.

Some of the best messages included “may your friends be with you”, “Don’t be a bully”, “Spacewalk away” and “No cyberbullying - aliens are star chasers”.

Pictured below is the Italian ESA Astronaut Paolo Nespoli with the onboard computer, where the messages were received.

Congratulations to all 3rd Formers whose coding skills have gone extra-terrestrial.

Mike Bennett