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Awful Auntie

07 February 2018


At the beginning of February, the 3rd Form had a brilliant time at the Wycombe Swan Theatre watching "Awful Auntie", a stage adaptation of David Walliams' book of the same title.  The book was also the biggest selling children's book of 2014.

The story fallows Stella Saxby, a remarkable young girl whose parents, Lord and Lady Saxby, have died in a tragic car accident. In the wake of the tragedy, Stella's mean and rather greedy Aunt Alberta launches a plot to trick Stella out of her inheritance. The play also features Wagner (Aunt Alberta's enormous owl), Soot a ghostly chimney sweep, and the hilariously eccentric butler Gibbon. 

The clever staging took us on a journey through the different locations within Saxby Hall using four revolving turrets. The production breathed life into the book and provided a number of very amusing moments which had us all laughing and willing our heroine, Stella, to triumph over her dastardly Awful Auntie.

The boys have been exploring the story in drama this term, bringing chapters to life by creating news reports and commenting on the performance using theatrical terms. In their art lessons, the boys have been creating their own drawings of Wagner the owl using mixed media.  They started by drawing a very detailed image of the owl using coloured pencils. Then working with chalk, they experimented with various marks to recreate the texture of the bird.  To complete the project, they will execute a large owl picture in any media or technique of their choice.

It has been a fantastic cross-curricular opportunity for us all.

Jo Duncan and Sue Williams


3rd Form Trip to see Awful Auntie