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Science Day

01 February 2018


This Tuesday, the 4th Form visited Bryanston School for a day of science.

In the morning the boys listened to a lecture by the chemistry department about combustion and displacement reactions. The talk included some exciting demonstrations such as hydrogen gases mixed with different salts to create loud and colourful explosions.  The boys also saw a Thermite reaction, which gives off lots of heat and light, elephant's toothpaste and an exploding Jelly Baby.  

In the afternoon the boys were introduced to a crime scene. By using scientific methods, they needed to figure out who committed the crime. First, they used CCTV to determine who the suspects were, and tracking equipment to work out the speed at which the stolen prize was travelling at so they could eliminate one suspect. Next, they looked at hair, blood and fingerprint samples, and then they analysed what was in some tea that was dropped at the scene and the ink that was used in the ransom note. After looking at all the evidence, the boys successfully figured out who the guilty person was.

The trip was great fun and a fantastic way to learn about science.


Science Day at Bryanston School