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First Lego League

29 November 2017


The First Lego League teams are in final preparations for their competition on Saturday 2 December.  The theme for this year is Hydrodynamics and the boys need to show that they have researched and solved, or highlighted, a problem in some way.  One team has produced an "Instructables" guide to making a DIY fat trap to stop our kitchen waste clogging up the drains, to help prevent fatbergs in the sewers.  Click here to read the guide. It has been viewed over 700 times and has been selected as a featured item on It is also the first search result if someone looks up “DIY fat trap” on Google which is impressive and shows that there is a need.
Our other team has focused on “What not to flush down the toilet” – They expanded on an experiment they did at Thames Water where they found out what can and cannot be dissolved in water. In response to this, they have recorded a parody song to explain their findings.  Thames Water has said that the work “is a stroke of genius”.

Good luck to all the boys involved.