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1st Form visit the National Portrait Gallery

02 November 2017


The 1st Form have been studying portraiture in their art lessons recently with a focus on historic portraits.  With this in mind, they visited the National Portrait Gallery in London to see some of the world’s most important paintings in real life.

The Gallery holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world, with over 210,000 works from the 16th Century to the present day.  The boys were lucky to have a guided tour of the Tudor galleries, which houses the oldest paintings in the building.  Their guide was very interesting and the boys listened very carefully when they discussed the paintings of important figures such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.  The boys learnt a great deal about the significance of each portrait: how the person looked, the clothes they wore, the location, the props that were included and what the Tudor era was like.

Back in the classroom, the boys will use what they learnt during their trip and create their own version of a Tudor style portrait.  We look forward to seeing them soon.


1st Form visit the National Portrait Gallery