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The Senior Debate

17 October 2017


Boys in the 5th and 6th Form went head to head recently in the Senior Debate with two interesting motions.  The debates were judged by Mr Fildes, Ma'am Cusworth and Mr Timms. 

The first motion was “This house believes that the United Kingdom should be given a second referendum on whether to stay in the European Union”.  Sebastian L and Hunter D from the 5th Form proposed the argument with Oliver A and Max in the 6th Form in opposition.  The judges felt that the 6th Form had a better range of points with a well-developed argument therefore winning the motion.  Max C was announced as the stand out performer. 

The second motion, “This house believes that the Prefects should be allowed to issue minuses”, was proposed by Toby B and Charles E in the 6th Form with Freddie H and Jack H from the 5th Form in opposition.  The judges considered this debate to be much closer

with all speakers delivering their speeches with conviction.  In the end, it was felt that the teamwork in fielding and responding to questions shown by the 5th Form made them the winners.  The stand out performer here was Jack H.  

All motions were eagerly discussed demonstrating the amount of research that had been put in prior to the event and the thought processes behind their arguments. It was brilliant to see the boys taking part and engaging in interesting topics.