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Modulus Quartet play for Caldicott Boys

06 October 2017


On Thursday, we had a brilliant musical experience with a visit from Modulus Quartet.

Modulus Quartet, including Caldicott’s visiting music teacher Craig Stratton, specialise in contemporary compositions by living composers.  They delivered two excellent workshops to the day boys, as well as a fabulous concert in the evening to the boarders and parents.

The concert contained a range of contemporary works, including world premieres of compositions by Caldicott “composer teams”; one by Luca S (6th Form) and Jimmy T (6th Form), and the other by James C (6th Form) and Rory B (6th Form). What a proud day for those boys.

Thank you to Modulus and to Craig Stratton, for a brilliant visit, and to everyone for supporting the day.

James Wild