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20 Minute Stories

21 September 2017


To start their English curriculum this year, the 5th Form was tasked to write a story in 20 minutes.

This provided the boys with a fantastic opportunity to introduce their writing style to their new teachers and prepare them for the tasks that lie ahead in their English studies and their senior school assessments.

This year, all boys were given the title of “Being Brave”. The judges were very impressed with the responses from the boys and Head of English, Mr Evans, said that it was a very difficult decision choosing the winners from each class as the standard was so high.

The winners were Lucas P, Sam B and Oliver C.  The overall winner was Sam B.  All three boys received a prize in assembly and shook Ma’am Naidoo’s hand.

You can read Sam’s story below.  


Being Brave

The minute James woke up, he knew it was going to be the worst day of his life.  James was an average nine year old boy, he had dark hair and was a cheeky character; the one thing James hated the most was needles.

With a sick certainty, James slithered down the stairs to breakfast. As always on a Saturday morning, his brother Sam was there already dressed and ready to go. Swallowing down his breakfast as slowly as possible, Sam teased him, “I bet they’re going to use the biggest needle they can find!”

“Very funny,” groaned James.

The Doctor’s surgery was disguised as an evil man’s lair.  The magazines were an illusion. The dark overlord came out of his study and called, “Sam and James, you’re next.”  The words seemed to take forever to reach his ears.  The door slammed behind them!

“All right,” said the dark overlord, “you first James.”

James rolled up his sleeve and the overlord uncovered his deadly tools. “This won’t hurt a bit,” he lied.  The needle made its short journey to his arm. “Be brave,” the doctor said.  The words were a million miles away… It was over. A plaster was slapped over his arm and it was Sam’s turn.

“Well done,” whispered his mum.