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6th Form at Amersham Field Centre

13 September 2017


This week, the 6th Form visited Amersham Field Centre to complete their geography fieldwork in preparation for the Common Entrance (CE) geography projects.  The project will count as 20% towards their final CE geography mark.

The boys started each day at the Amersham Field Centre learning some background information about the River Chess, and formulating hypotheses about what they will discover. They then visited two sites along the river, one close to the source and one close to the River Chess’ confluence with the River Colne. They did this to test whether the river’s features really do change from source to confluence through measuring and calculating the necessary data from the criteria they had identified.

The boys returned to the centre mid-afternoon to collate their findings and discuss the limitations experienced and possible factors affecting the data.

The boys will now spend the next few weeks preparing their individual project documents to send to their prospective schools.

Overall, both days at the centre were very successful and they were lucky enough to avoid the worst of the rain!