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Silly Billy - A Visit from Robin Whitcomb

27 June 2017


This week, the 1st Form were lucky to enjoy a visit from author Robin Whitcomb. 

Robin came to speak to the boys about his book “Silly Billy” but also to encourage them to write stories of their own.  He was very enthusiastic about storytelling and set the boys a task to come up with the most imaginative way for why their homework was late. The reasons from the boys were definitely outrageous including being eaten by monsters!

All boys were fully engaged in reading extracts from his book aloud, and they asked thoughtful questions about the writing process and what lead Robin to become a children’s author.  The boys also discovered that Robin used to teach at Caldicott.

At the end of the talk, all boys received a signed copy of “Silly Billy” and we hope Robin's words have inspired them to write their own stories in the future.