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Exploring the Rainforest

23 June 2017


On Thursday 22 June, the 2nd Form visited the Living Rainforest in Newbury to consolidate their geography learning on rainforests. 

The Living Rainforest is home to 700 species of plants and animals which are usually not seen in this country.  As soon as the boys arrived, they were taken on a journey to discover the different flora and fauna that can be found in this environment.  They were thrilled to finally see a variety of tropical plants and animals which they had heard so much about in school; for instance, the red-billed toucan, Azara’s agouti, blue poison dart frog and pitcher plants.

Whilst they were walking round, the boys focused on the importance of sustainability and why we should prevent the deforestation of the planet’s precious rainforests.

To finish off a fantastic day of exploring, the boys enjoyed the adventure playground before they set off back to Caldicott.


Below are a few comments from the boys:

“My favourite part of the day was seeing the tree boas because they are my favourite animal.  They wrap around the tree and go into a curled up shape.  They are constrictors because they strangle their prey before eating eat.” - Harry J

“It was really exciting seeing lots of deadly animals such as snakes, stingrays and poison dart frogs.” - Louis M

“It was all really good fun, but I especially liked seeing the Madagascan hissing cockroaches, and I would thoroughly recommend visiting.” - Charlie N