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Music at St Mary's

25 May 2017


On Saturday 20 May, the music department presented a showcase concert in St Mary’s Parish Church, Slough. This is a lovely concert venue with a super acoustic for choral and instrumental music, and the concert was a tremendous success.

The programme featured two excellent soloists performing concerto movements with string orchestra; Taran G (6th Form) played the 1st movement of the well-known Concerto in A minor for violin by J S Bach, and Luca S (5th Form) the equally well-known and much loved Andante form the Clarinet Concerto in A by W A Mozart. Both soloists played with confidence, style and character, and made the most of the wonderful string playing of the orchestra. Both performances were musically expressive, technically secure and extremely accomplished.

All the other performances were of a high standard, and included the guitarists and percussionists combining, a trumpet quartet to open, a jazz quartet, and many choirs. A highlight of the concert was the arrangement of “Mad World” for choir and strings, and the “Parce mihi domine” (from “Officium") by de Morales, which consisted of renaissance polyphony backed with strings, with the soaring saxophone improvisations of Mrs Owen floating around the acoustic over the top in a dramatic and moving texture. Finally, very well done to all the young choirs and the excellent soloists in the Junior School.

To see what they boys performed, take a look at the programme from the concert.