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Saving the Rainforest

09 March 2017


Boys in the 2nd Form have been learning about the rainforest recently, especially the impact of deforestation and what this means to the local community and globally.

After discussing what items can be made from the rainforest, including food and drink, the boys imagined with were villagers on an island, where some of their rainforest had been removed by loggers. Before more trees were cut down, they needed to gather in groups to discuss how they can make money from the rainforest in a sustainable way. 

The boys came up with a variety of ways including; selling limited amounts of wood so not too many trees were cut down, re-planting trees to encourage re-growth, talking to the government to decide on strategies to help the rainforest and charging visitors to the island to help with putting money back into the environment.

The boys all worked incredibly well together and presented their findings to the class at the end of the lesson with confidence and a great understanding of the topic.