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Slough Philharmonic Orchestra

06 March 2017


On Wednesday 15 March, the Slough Philharmonic will be visiting Caldicott to present an evening orchestral concert.  The concert will feature the 1st Movement of Beethoven's lovely 4th Piano Concerto and will include Taran G and Luca S taking part in that performance on 2nd violin and 2nd clarinet respectively.

On Wednesday we went to the orchestra's regular evening rehearsal at Burnham Grammar so they could begin to understand what was needed and prepare meaningfully for the performance. Orchestral playing is very different to solo or chamber playing, requiring the capacity to follow a conductor, so an orchestral player needs to understand and respond to the sign language of musical direction while reading and playing their own part and listening to the orchestra at the same time.

It is fantastic that we are having a symphony orchestra visit the school and present a performance to all the boarders. Parents are welcome to stay on after boarder's visiting to enjoy the concert with their sons. If you wish to attend, please fill in the form ( to register.