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Declamations Final

01 February 2017


The eagerly awaited final of the Senior Declamations Competition took place in Centenary Hall on Monday 31 January. This year, Caldicott was pleased to welcome Dr Joanna Bratten, Head of English and Drama at Harrow, as the adjudicator.

All boys in the 3rd – 6th Form learnt a piece of writing of their choice with 6/7 finalists being chosen to compete on the night in each Year Group.

  • George T won in the 3rd Form with his excellent rendition of “Dog in the Playground” by Alan Ahlberg. Dr Bratten said George spoke very clearly with dramatic effect and was very enjoyable to listen to.
  • In the 4th Form, Lucas P came out on top with his very powerful extract from the Martin Luther King Jr speech “I have a Dream”. Lucas impressed the judge with his authoritative speech which was very powerful right from beginning to the end.
  • Jago C won in the 5th Form round with his extract from “Romeo and Juliet” Act 2 Scene 2. Dr Bratten noted that this was a very difficult and complex piece to recite and Jago performed with excellent diction and great drama.
  • George C beat stiff competition in the 6th Form with his extract from Ronald Reagan’s speech “Bring down this Wall”. George spoke incredibly well with a difficult piece, exercising good rhythm and varied tone throughout.

Overall the winner of the 2017 Senior Declamation Final was Lucas P (4th Form). Dr Bratten said, “with a difficult and passionate speech, Lucas drove the drama and captured the rhythms of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech incredibly well.”

A special prize also went to Hugo E (3rd Form) for his very funny and entertaining rendition of “The Car Trip” by Michael Rosen.

Other pieces included ”The Chimney Boy’s Story” by Wes Magee, an extract from Roald Dhal’s “The Witches”, “Blackberry Picking” by Seamus Heaney and the speech given by Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday”.

It was a fantastic evening and all the boys performed incredibly well with their pieces. Mr Evans, Head of English said he was very proud of the boys’ dedication and talent and that the evening was a joy to watch.

Ned H (6th Form) gave a fantastic account of the evening, "Declamations is an event that everyone takes part in from 3rd Form upwards. This year was a very fierce competition even in the younger years. First up was the 3rd Form. George T came out on top with his poem. Next was the 4th Form. All of them had very clear diction and it is a skill to learn such a long poem. Lucas P performed the best Martin Luther King speech I have ever seen. He won his year and went on to be Declamation champion. In the 5th Form it was getting harder for Mrs Joanna Bratton the Head of Drama and English at Harrow to pick a winner. She went with Jago C with an extract from "Romeo and Juliet". Lastly it was the 6th Form turn. In this year George C did "Tear Down This Wall" by Ronald Reagan. At the end Hugo E in the 3rd Form was given an award for his poem. Thank you to Mr Evans and all the other English teachers for organising the event."