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Art Trip to the Royal Academy

04 March 2016

On Friday the 5th of February all the Fourth formers went to the Royal Academy of Art in London to see the much anticipated exhibition ‘Painting the Modern Garden’.  As we entered we were surrounded by wonderful colours. The walls were tinted green and there were paintings by many famous artists including Monet, Renoir and Matisse. We had personal audio guides which gave useful background information about many of the works of art.

The majority of the pictures were set in sunny gardens however we learnt that many painters had special flowers planted so that there would be colourful flowers to paint all year round.

The most impressive paintings were in the last room of the exhibition: three huge pictures by Claude Monet of his lily pads. They were pure colour and seemed to roll around the room. They had not been seen together since shortly after the artist’s death, which made them all the more remarkable.

We all enjoyed the trip very much and are now working on pictures in the art room, inspired by what we saw.

By J Turner and J Hughes-Penney

Please watch this exhibition trailer to get an idea of how wonderful the exhibition is.