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Work begins on Muster

04 February 2016

On Sunday we began work on an exciting project that will see five students from Caldicott, Cando2 and ex-servicemen and women including a number from the cast of the acclaimed Award winning West End show, The Two Worlds of Charlie F by Owen Sheers, come together to form a unique partnership.


Bringing their expert approach to inclusive dance practice, Candoco Artists will lead a week of intensive making, exploring the physicality, personality and life stories of the soldiers through a range of creative tasks. The project aims to explore the issues soldiers face when they return home after being in conflict including loss of identity and reintegration and the way in which society reacts to them. This creative development period will culminate in a performance at The Place, London, on 20 February, 4pm and 8pm. The performance will make its way back to Caldicott on 11 March to form part of our Star Factor evening.


It was a long and exhausting day, but a fantastic start to a very interesting and unique project.

As we all arrived at the place one by one, we thought to ourselves about what we were actually going to be doing because this was our first time doing a big project. The people there were a mix between the Candoco Dance Company, Charlie F and Caldicott. Some of the people there were disabled, like Cassidy who was from Charlie F. It was amazing seeing how good the disabled people were at dancing!


We did a version of follow the leader in which we put our hand on the other person’s wrist and shut our eyes. Their job was to move us around the hall pushing us to our limits, many of them were disabled. I was with Cassidy who came to our school as part of Charlie F. He was not able to go low down due to the fact he had no leg on his right side. After a couple of turns we realised roughly what the other person could do and discovered we liked going in circles whether it was with our arms or are whole body.


By the end of the day we were all very tired and very stiff, but overall my favourite thing about that day was that we were interacting and trusting people who were different ages and abilities. I can’t wait until the week in half term where we will be choreographing our dance and getting to know each other better.

You can follow the project's progress on the following link