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Chef Watson

30 January 2016

Last night, the boys were lucky enough to attend a talk by Mr Douglas-Home who came to explain the amazing cognitive power of the IBM super computer, Watson. 

The challenge was simple: who could prepare the best dish using exactly the same ingredients? Would it be one of the expert human chefs or Chef Watson, a computer program that helps cooks discover and create original, totally unique recipes with the help of flavour compound algorithms?


After much cooking by our two guest chefs: Rabah and Mr Gooding, as well as some assistance from some 6th form boys, some volunteers were called upon for a taste test and to see whether a human or the computer chef had melded the ingredients most effectively. The result: a 6-2 win for Chef Watson! Whether this was down to the computer's superior culinary skills, who will know but it was definitely an extremely enjoyable evening.


Many thanks to all involved for making the evening go so smoothly.