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Swimming Gala against Horris Hill

26 September 2012

A wonderful victory for Caldicott yesterday, scoring 153 out of a possible 182 points, to Horris Hill’s 92.
We had 39 1st and 2nd places, 6 3rd and only one 4th!
Every swimmer could be mentioned for an outstanding effort, but we’d be here all day, so notable performances were from:
-    Ben Jordan, who won the U12 Butterfly and Individual Medley and also the 5-length 100 yard open against 3 U13 swimmers. Despite actually swimming 6 lengths, he still managed to finish his 6 before the other swimmers finished their 5th!
-    Finn Sykes and Dominic Stone are also wonderful additions to the Caldicott swimming team, winning both of their races and putting in good legs in the relays.
-    Finally, captain Pickering swam really well, winning the U13 Backstroke, Butterfly and Individual Medley, as well as anchoring the team home to wins in the relays.