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From Farm to Fork

09 June 2015

On Friday, the first form boys visited the Tesco store in Slough to take part in a ‘Farm to Fork’ trail. The first part of the tour involved the boys looking behind the scenes. They saw a delivery in action and were able to see how the crates are unpacked from double storey trucks using lifts and special machinery. They also got to go in the chiller and freezer…brrrr!

On the shop floor they spent time looking at fruit and vegetables and investigating where they come from, something we know lots about from our work in geography. We enjoyed sampling different cheeses although the boys weren’t sure on the ginger flavouring! In the Bakery, we learnt about the main ingredients used to make bread and the key steps in the process. We were shocked to learn that the store sell 2500 loaves and 3000 rolls every day!

It was a great morning and the boys came away with an even better understanding of food and the process it goes through before reaching our plates.

Looking at the fish counter.

Behind the scenes.