Welcome to Caldicott

Caldicott is one of the top prep schools for boys from 7 to 13 years old. It is set in 40 acres of beautiful grounds and magnificent playing fields just 20 minutes from Heathrow Airport and half an hour west of London.

The aim of Caldicott is to prepare boys with great care, thought and attention so that they may become successful and that they may enjoy the next stage of their education. Our boys are fortunate enough to gain excellent grades to move on to the top British boarding schools.

The boys start here as day pupils until their final two years when they all become boarders. Most of these boarders go home on a Saturday night and there is a core group which is cared for by our pastoral team over the weekend.

The school expects high academic standards but the team of excellent and nurturing staff seeks to develop happy and well-rounded boys who grow up to be confident individuals who can learn to think for themselves.

Team sport is a vital part of an education here with the lessons learnt from winning and losing a central part of school life. The boys enjoy a broad cultural experience, all of them participating in music, art and drama which are thriving at the school. Our numerous productions in the performing arts centre are second to none.

Chapel is central to the moral and spiritual life of the school and the boys are encouraged to develop a social conscience as well as a sense of duty. In the dining room we promote healthy eating and the enjoyment of food with friends and our boys spend lots of time outside playing in the fresh air so that they are ready for their work in the classroom.

It is my wish that Caldicott boys should leave us with strong moral and spiritual values, high standards of behaviour, consideration of others and an understanding of their challenges and responsibilities.

Antonia and I look forward to welcoming you when you look round the school.


Simon Doggart