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Although Caldicott has a national reputation for its rugby - we are equal top in reaching the final of the National Prep School Sevens at Rosslyn Park - sport at Caldicott is not just for the gifted. We now put out a far greater number of teams at all levels than ever before, and every boy represents a school team each term, playing regularly in fixtures. Personal achievement is valued as much as absolute achievement; our aims are to improve the skills and develop the enthusiasm of every boy at Caldicott. Sporting prowess is our aim, but good manners (both on the field and on the touchline), being humble in victory and showing good grace in defeat, are also regarded as essential qualities.

In our forty acres of grounds there are 8 outstanding rugby pitches, 4 junior pitches and 6 cricket pitches. Main Square is acknowledged as one of the best prep school wickets in the country. There are three astroturf tennis courts, and these are also used for other sports' practices, hockey matches and sporting recreation. There are excellent facilities for athletics in the summer, and we regularly win medals at the National Prep Schools Athletics Finals, and Outstanding Talent awards to major Public Schools. In Summer 2008 we were National Champions in U14 100m, and the U14 Relay. There is a large sports hall; most boys get a double lesson of PE weekly, and the hall is always full of boys using sport for recreation, as well as more formal practices in the winter months.

The matches in each of the sports over the past 12 months (Spring 2012-Spring 2013) are indicated below. For those whose interests are not in the more formal sporting events, we provide further recreational options in the following areas when possible: cycling, sailing, rowing, climbing and fishing.


NOTES: These figures cover all teams from 6th Forms to Under 8. Athletics, Cross Country , Rugby Sevens and Swimming are meetings, in most cases involving a large number of boys. The other sports include Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Judo and Squash.


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