Admission Procedure

Parents can register with Caldicott at any time. This is generally at least three years prior to entry, although many do so much earlier, and some later. The only commitment at this stage is the payment of the non-refundable Registration fee of £100. Please visit our registration page

Prospective pupils and their families are always welcome to visit the school by attending our Open Day or by making an individual visit to look round on a normal school day. Either may be arranged through the Registrar.

Parents then complete the Registration Form enclosed with the Prospectus and return it to the Registrar, together with the Registration fee. Prospective parents living abroad who cannot arrange a preliminary visit to the school may register by post and arrange to visit at a convenient date). All are given a chance to visit the school with their parents before the start of their life at Caldicott. They take an assessment and a report is requested from their current school.

When a place has been offered, a consolidation fee is requested, offset against the final term’s account.


       Current Caldicott boys preparing to make prospective Caldicott boys welcome