There are three avenues of excellence which make up a successful school: the academic, the co-curricular and pastoral care. What glues everything together is the quality of the pastoral care. This is about ensuring that every boy feels a sense of belonging, security and stability in his school. This is a team effort from all those members of staff who help to nurture every boy both in and out of the classroom.

The support, care and guidance stems from the tutors who are responsible not only for the boys’ pastoral care but also for ensuring good communication between school and home. The wider net of care includes senior staff, Heads of Year, Housemasters, Senior House Parents, teachers as well as the nursing and medical team.

A really important part of pastoral care is giving responsibility to the boys. Caldicott nurtures the idea of living in a community and all that this entails. Senior boys are encouraged to look out for junior boys. We encourage leadership from the start of their Caldicott careers. Above all we help them to value strong friendships which give boys security within the school community. With that security comes a sense of well-being and confidence that enables the boys to flourish as individuals.

The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care and the quality of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent.
They are extremely courteous and proud of their school.” 

ISI Inspection Report 2012, p.7