Caldicott has excellent academic results for Scholarship and Common Entrance. Complete results are available for almost all years since 1979.

At Caldicott the class size is small - never more than 18, and more usually a dozen or a few more -  so that individual attention can always be given to the boys. They are setted for many subjects, and from September 2008, with the addition of extra classrooms and staff, there will be four sets in the Senior School, giving greater opportunity for the best teaching at your son's level. This ensures that every boy is comfortable, yet still stretched academically according to his current achievement. Boys mature at different ages, so in this way we give the flexibility to move between sets without fuss, and at the appropriate time.

We exceed the National Curriculum. Latin is started at the beginning of the Middle School, and some boys learn Greek. The boys work hard, but they enjoy learning, and Study Skills, Current Affairs, educational visits and lectures from outside speakers mean that there is lots of variety. All prep (homework) is done in school, so you can enjoy your time at home with your son. 

Inspirational teachers are fundamental to the success of the school. In the last inspection report the teaching at Caldicott was highly praised – “in a substantial number of lessons teaching was outstanding.”

We encourage intellectual curiosity and independent thought. Day boys are encouraged to do all their work at school and do not take work home, but they are encouraged to read every evening. Boarders have prep sessions in the evenings when they are taught effective learning habits and they are encouraged to start working on their own.

The Art and the Design Technology areas have been renovated. The standard of art is impressive and each year group visits an art gallery so Caldicott boys will have been to many major London galleries during their time at school. The Design Technology department encourages boys to manufacture in a variety of different materials and a project designing a mini Formula 1 car is very popular.